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Parenting / Risk Assessments – is a detailed, community based assessment designed to identify potential risks to the child (e.g. child sex abuse, neglect, emotional / physical abuse, drug abuse).  The risk assessment relies on information gathered from the child, parents and extended family and professional network. Read More.

Viability Assessment – is a preliminary assessment process, usually required when a Local Authority is seeking to identify alternative child care arrangements for a child who is unable to remain with their parent.  Read more.

Connected Persons Assessment – is a tool for gathering information about whether or not a specific family member is able to provide care to a child in the short term and long term. Read More.

Foster Carer Assessment – is an assessment tool used by Local Authorities, Independent Fostering agencies and Supervising Social Workers to assess prospective foster carers. Read More.

Child and Family Assessment – Details coming soon. Read More.

PAMS Assessments – Details coming soon. Read More.

Court Reports / Tribunals

Section 37 investigation – is an enquiry in to a child’s circumstances by a Social Worker. This reports aims to ascertain whether the significant harm threshold has been met and to assist in the subsequent decision making process. Read More.

Section 7 Reports – this is a report informing the Court of a child's wishes and feelings in cases where parents no longer live together and are not in agreement about where their child will live or what contact they will have with their absent parent, so need the assistance of the Court to make a plan for their child. Read More.

Social Work Services

Child Permanence Report – is presented to an Adoption/Fostering panel to enable a decision to be made about whether it is in a child’s best interests to be placed for adoption or with long term foster carers. Read More.

Family Group Conference – is a process involving a child’s wider family in planning how to safe guard a child and deciding where a child is going to live. Read More.

Independent Reviewing Officer – is the person who ensures that a Child Looked After by a Local Authority has regular reviews to consider the care plan and placement. Read More.

Annual Foster Care Review – In accordance with The Fostering Services Regulations 2001 there should be a review of a foster carers’ approval at least once a year, to assess whether they are suitable to continue as foster carers. Read More.

Consultancy and Investigation

Stage 2 Complaints - Investigating Officer – An Avocet Investigating Officer is a qualified Social Worker with knowledge of and/or experience in the field relevant to the complaint. Read More.

Stage 2 Complaints - Independent Person – An Avocet Independent Person is the person appointed by a Local Authority to oversee the process as the Investigating Officer carries out the Stage 2 complaint investigation. Read More.

Stage 3 Review Panel - Independent Panellist – An Avocet Independent Person is the person appointed by a Local Authority to oversee the process as the Investigating Officer carries out the Stage 2 complaint investigation.
Read More.

Social Work Training

An Introduction to Safe Guarding Children - is a one day course aimed at those working in the community with children. Read More.

We are often looking to expand our country-wide network of Independent Social Workers and as you ... read more
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President demands compliance with court timetables
Court must be informed “immediately” in the event of any non-compliance. In Re W (Children) EWFC 22, the President has reminded practitioners that parties in cases in the Family Court are not permitted to amend a timetable fixed by the court without the prior approval of the court. In that case, in breach of a case […]... read more
As the Social Work crisis continues…
Cartoon by Fran as published in Community Care e-bulletin this week.... read more
BBC News reports: ‘Cinderella’ emotional cruelty law considered
Current child neglect laws have been criticised for focusing on the physical effects of abuse only. Ofsted finds child-neglect failings One in 10 UK children ‘neglected’ Bid to change child neglect laws The government is “seriously” considering introducing a new offence of emotional cruelty to children, the BBC understands. The proposed change to neglect laws […]... read more
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