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Connected Persons Assessment

What is a Connected Persons Assessment?

A Connected Persons Assessment by one of our Independent Social Workers is a tool for gathering information about whether or not a specific family member is able to provide care to a child in the short term and long term.

A Connected Persons Assessment undertaken by an Avocet Independent Social Worker will pay close consideration to the contentious issue of contact and the nature of the child’s and the Kinship carers’ continued relationship with the birth parent.

A Connected Persons Assessment will endeavour to include all family members in developing a workable kinship care arrangement for a looked after child.

When is a Connected Persons Assessment necessary?

A Connected Persons Assessment by an Independent Social Worker is necessary when a child is unable to remain with their parents and alternative short and long term care arrangements need to be made for the child.

It is an expectation that a Local Authority considers members of the child’s extended family as alternative carers before placing the child with un-related foster carers in the care system.

A Connected Persons Assessment is often carried out by Social Workers in accordance with the Public Law Outline (PLO) in the process of care planning for a child; a Letter of Instruction will be provided by the Local Authority Legal Department highlighting specific areas for consideration within the assessment.

What is the Connected Persons Assessment process?

Stage 1

Our Independent Social Worker will gather information about the child and their circumstances from the Local Authority.

At the Local Authority's request, Avocet will convene a meeting with all the significant family members to gain an understanding of the family’s plan for the child.

A programme of work will be agreed with the prospective Connected Persons carers.  This will include individual interviews, seeing the child on their own and observing them with the prospective Connected Persons carers.  The Independent Social Worker will meet with the birth parents to ascertain their views and gather information from any professionals involved with the prospective carers.


Avocet would anticipate a Connected Persons Assessment taking 12 – 16 weeks to complete.

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